Streamlined Start. Expandable Growth.

Many companies start by different reasons.

One company might come from a great idea in a research setting that attracts some grants or seed funding. Others are started by a superior management team that attracts funding and buys a promising compound, or series of compounds, to move a drug through the approval process. No matter what the origin, these companies usually have great science, but have a limited understanding of either the IT infrastructure that they need or the regulatory compliance that they should adhere to (or both).

We help life science start-ups go from 0 to 100.

Very quickly, we’re able to help life science start-ups by setting them up with qualified and validated content repositories. In addition, our Life Science Launchpad offering helps start-ups meet regulatory requirements from the outset, without having to add a costly retrofit later on. This way, when a start-up begins to work with larger partners, or look for additional funding, they can check off a big important item on their list of things they need nailed down.

Compliant collaboration is key.

We’ve worked with numerous startups. We know start-ups depend on working with external partners. Our collaboration and content management solutions empower our clients to work effectively with any number of outside collaborators.

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