Enhance clinical trial data capture and ensure FDA compliance.

If you are a life science CRO or sponsor evaluating ways to augment or enhance your current method of clinical trial data capture, CRO Voice and Video Workbench provides the flexibility to tailor a solution that meets the needs of your next clinical trial. CRO Voice and Video Workbench is a powerful combination of GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining and OpenVoice all wrapped in an Audit Ready Compliant Cloud (ARCC) that meets FDA 21 CFR 11 requirements. Leverage the flexibility of the world’s leading voice, video and training solutions, while enhancing patient centricity, mitigating risk and ensuring FDA compliance.

Sample clinical trial use cases

Patient-centric data capture

  • Replace or augment on-site case report forms with remote voice and video data capture

  • Gather patient and clinician interactions in a way that reflects a more personal touch

  • Tailor the capture of trial data in a more flexible way to enhance patient comfort

  • Interview each patient remotely in the privacy of their home

  • Maintain trial standards while focusing on new patient data capture methods

Risk mitigation tools

  • Assure protocol adherence through video capture

  • Evaluate trial site performance against trial norms

  • Video multiple interactions of a procedure to rate clinicians’ capability

  • Video best practice procedures to bring a clinician up to speed quickly

  • Easily distribute protocol amendment updates to all your sites

  • Keep staff up to your high standards with quarterly and annual refresh of procedures

  • Remote clinicians when procedure allows to reduce increasing travel costs

  • Record meetings for clinicians who miss a primary meeting

Virtual investigator meetings

General attributes

  • Increased flexibility for both patient and clinician

  • Reduced costs for trial sites

  • Best-in-class audio, video and trainings solutions

  • FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant artifacts for submissions

  • Multiple validated applications added to your environment without added risk

  • Subscription pricing to match your needs

CRO Voice and Video Workbench gives CROs and sponsors the ability to conference, record, capture, store, retrieve and train with all data stored in an FDA 21 CFR 11 environment that meets regulatory requirements.

  • Enhance your GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining experiences by offering multiple audio options in the same meeting while having them all recorded and saved in an ARCC

  • Easy to use and manage

  • High-quality, reliable audio

  • International coverage

  • Record and play back to evaluate client and patient interactions

  • Robust reporting for site evaluation

  • Unified administration for ease of maintenance

  • Secure administration center for risk avoidance

  • A meeting platform built for professional interaction between CROs or sponsors and patients

  • Record your interactions and maintain compliance in an ARCC (www.gotomeeting.com/features)

  • Present and engage with patients as if you were there in person

  • Use hand raising, polls, Q&A and surveys to engage and monitor multiple sites at once

  • Record your webinar, including audio, to play back later to rate, refresh or train

  • Capture reporting and analytics specific to sites to drive the highest standards

  • A robust training platform to assist in the engagement of interactions between the sponsor,CRO and patient

  • Streamlined registration of patients or clinicians

  • Record your training and watch patient and clinician interaction

  • Collaborate and share trial data between the CRO and sponsor

  • Encourage small group interaction without added cost

  • View and track results with detailed attendance reports, test results and evaluations

ARCC Platform

CRO Voice and Video Workbench gives CROs and sponsors the ability to create, protect and retain digital information in an ARCC that meets the regulatory requirements of FDA 21 CFR 11. CRO Voice and Video Workbench provides Good System Practice, Security, Audit Support and a predefined IQ library compliant with FDA guidance. CRO Voice and Video Workbench is a pre-configured, validated system to manage documents and data electronically that complies with the eCTD mandate.


Increased Flexibility


Reduced Costs


FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

For more information on ways to augment or enhance your current method of clinical trial data capture, visit www.courtsquaregroup.com. To learn more about the tools for the CRO Voice and Video Workbench, visit www.goto.com.

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